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Core Values/Mission Statement

Core Values/Mission Statement

E | Excellence: We strive everyday for perfection and in so doing we achieve excellence in all the service we provide

X | eXtra Mile: We at Extreme Electrical constantly go the eXtra mile to serve you and to make you completely satisfied with our work

T | Trained professionals: We are constantly in training mode so we can provide you with the best service team in the industry
R | Reliable: We believe customers need reliability and with companies coming and going over  the years  we strive to be there for you and your needs not just for today but for years into the future as a stable company.
E | Exceptional service: Customers rely on exceptional service whether for themselves or when we work side by side with a contractor, to bring reliability to the project
M | Motivated to meet your needs: Motivation to make you happy with our services and or team is our top priority.
E | Ethics: In a world with unlimited access to information we hold ethics very important to the relationships we hold with our customers. Honesty and integrity is at the forefront of our values and expectations.

“My! What a great job this company did! Two exhaust
fans were installed in bathrooms and the two electricians
had very little attic space - nevertheless this didn’t deter
them. This company’s crew goes the extra mile!”

- Rose

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